Point Aqua® 20-10 WB is a 5 meters extended version of Point Aqua® 15-10 XWB​.

It is a heavy duty workboat, primarily for the fish farming and diving activities. However, the vessel may just as easily be used within other areas such as fishing, ROV operations, towing, etc.

Main deck is low, ie it is suitable for easy access to fish cages, for diving operations or operations where it is needed to be close to the sea.

The design is made for operations outside breakwater.​

More then 100 square meters of free deck is available for various utilisations.

​Towing winch, towing pins, shark jaws an a stern roller is included according to forthcoming rules.

Powerful engines gives it large towing force.

Two powerful side thrusters gives the vessel superb manouvring possibilities.

There are large tanks for FW or ensilage below main deck.

Dynamic position as well as moonpool is available as an option.

Due to its Wide beam (WB) and antiheeling tanks it can operate with heavy loads in the crane over the side.

For the crews comfort and safety an antiroll tank is arranged.